Recovery Help was created in 2010 with this vision:

Empower People to live an Intentional Life

Our Mission is to:

Provide Exceptional Recovery Experiences---Anywhere

Keystones or Our Philosophy

1.    Exceptional Recovery experiences that work. Anywhere

We could talk all day about our staff, protocols, methodologies, yada yada, but in the end the only thing that matters is when we help people and families get back to a fully productive life. And with Telehealth, we can deliver that help, anywhere. Rain or Snow, there’s no excuse for missing our meetings when help is “anywhere.”

2.    Run to, not from

Our unique Recovery Therapy and Intentional Life Skills gives Members and families the ability to think forward again. Instead of looking back, the future will be the excitement of achievement. Recovery quickly transitions back to Life. You’ll have new tools for that life.

3.    Tomorrow’s protocols today

We constantly strive to raise the bar on effective treatment. There are many positive life tools out there that are proven to bring results. Each individual has the opportunity to fill his/her personal toolbox with the tools that will bring success. 

Professional Pride

All services we provide are meticulously compliant with professional standards, state licensing and professional licensing.