Coaching to Accelerate Your Recovery

Addiction recovery coaching

Once you make the decision to beat your addiction, you'll want to move faster, to relaunch your life and pursue your dreams. So we build coaching into our programs, coaching that really works. 

One Member says: "I went twice as far, twice as fast as I ever expected." Another said, “My friends at AA noticed a positive change in me the first week.”

Intentional Recovery™ Coaching helps you visualize the outcomes you desire, plan a course of action, and then Intentionally make it happen.

Learning to be Intentional is fun and rewarding. When you are Intentional, everything you do has more significance and joy. Life is worth living.  Every skill and technique you acquire will speed your recovery.

Our coaching will help you control your addictive behaviors. You’ll accomplish things that you never imagined you could. The skills and techniques you learn will help you in everything you do… your recovery, education, career, relationships, and the achievements you dream about.

Recovery accelerates when you are Intentional instead of Reactive. So each week, you will try new things and enlarge your comfort zone. Here are some of the skills and techniques that will help you change your life:

  • Intentional Thoughts:  Triggers | Cravings
  • Changing Habits:  Thought Stopping | Developing Routines
  • Healthy Conversations:  Asking for Help | Personal Resources
  • Outcome Focus:  Physical Symptoms | Commitments and Strengths
  • Decision Making:  Common Challenges | Managing Life
  • Emotional Intelligence:  12 Step Principles | Coping with Triggers
  • Future Vision:  Work-Life Balance | Taking Back Your Power
  • Use of Time:  Staying Busy | Scheduling
  • Right Relationships:  Setting Boundaries | Service to Others


Move into your future with clarity and confidence.

Based on a program crafted for high-potential corporate clients, the Intentional Recovery coaching program helps you accelerate your recovery and put your life on a faster track. You will pursue your dreams with clarity and confidence.